Weekend Promo: Telltale + Nival + Wordplay + Merge

Classic Games

Food for thought: up to 80% off The Wolf Among Us, the Tex Murphy classics, Praetorians, Etherlords 2, and more!

Going on a big Adventure often requires proper planning, the ability to think on your feet, and making the right calls. Coming up with the best Strategy to neutralize your opponents demands much the same, albeit in a grander scale. The joined catalogs of Telltale + Nival + Wordplay + Merge offer plenty of opportunities to handle big decisions in order to either unlock the rest of the story or the rest of the map. Start with the easiest one: to take advantage of the up to 80% discount waiting for you inside. Your backlog will remember that.

Prep your heavily modified DeLoreans and re-calibrate your flux capacitors: we’re going Back to the Future! We’ll have the time of our lives tampering with the space-time continuum, meeting old pals, and helping Marty knock some sense into Doc Brown’s younger self.

How did Tex become this cynical, beatdown gumshoe that we love? To find out, we must look into his very first solo case, which involved a fateful encounter with a femme fatale, an introduction to several bad habits, and a dramatic battle of wits with the enigmatic Overseer.

Manipulating magic and commanding fantastic creatures is no simple undertaking. Aspiring Etherlords must be ready to plan each turn, carefully position their forces, and fearlessly explore the map, while looking for opportunities to expand their power.

Put your decision-making hat on and get ready to manipulate the stories of all the unlikely heroes and nations that live inside the Telltale + Nival + Wordplay + Merge catalogs: Tales from the Borderlands, Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon, Evil Islands, Imperial Glory, and many more! Their fates are in your hands.
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