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New update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! With update 2.2, we’ve focused on reworking the tutorial and starter decks* to improve the first-time user experience. We’ve also set a minimum number of units to be included in every deck to 13, and added brand new Tavern Board to the game!

This is how starter decks are distributed to players:
– Accounts which sign up after Patch 2.2 will be assigned starter decks accordingly.
– Accounts which played at least 1 online game after Patch 1.0 (post-Homecoming) see no changes.
– Accounts which played 0 online games after Patch 1.0 (post-Homecoming) have the old starter decks and all cards that constitute those starter decks removed from their collection. Then, all of the new starter deck cards will be added (in card collection), and all of the new starter decks will be added (in deck selection).

Full list of changes:
– Opponent AI in Training Mode has been improved.
– Matches are now played on one unified game board rather than two distinct halves from different game boards.
– Valid decks must now contain a minimum of 13 units.
– Changes in Deck Builder UI.
– Updated Shupe’s VFX when opening goodies.
– In-game UI has been updated allowing players to hide usernames by clicking on player avatars. Also, players can now see point totals for each row by clicking on the crown icon (defaulted to RS/R3 on Xbox One/PS4 gamepads).
– Added 8 new daily quests that offer Reward Points.
– Starter decks have been reworked to showcase more faction cards and faction-specific mechanics.

New Features
– Complete overhaul of first-time user experience.
– Added a new setting allowing you to choose whether you always see the game board of your choice or let it be determined by the chosen game board of whichever player goes …read more

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