Review Highlights: Imperator: Rome

Check the reviews and see the game in action before buying.

The newest grand strategy from Paradox Development Studio is one of the biggest releases of April. Imperator: Rome invites you to relive the pageantry and challenges of empire building in the classical era and according to media reviews its a challenge worth taking.

The game currently has 81 points on Metacritic with top scores of 9.5/10 from Gaming Nexus and 92/100 from PC Gamer. It’s been praised for the grand scale, complex gameplay mechanics, and depth that allows for hundreds of hours of play. Check out some of the review quotes below.

Huge, inventive and the reason I’m sleep deprived. It’s brilliant. – PC Gamer

Imperator treats you to one of the most involved and interesting combat systems I’ve seen in the genre. – IGN

A good game with a lot of depth – just what one would expect from Paradox. Play it through once or twice just for fun, then grab one of the strategy guides that will be popping up to more fully appreciate the mechanics. – Gaming Nexus

(…) go ahead and buy it as it is a definitive Paradox grand strategy set in the ancient era. – Destructoid

Imperator: Rome truly has the depth and versatility to become one of Paradox’s finest. – GameSpew

Want to see more before buying Imperator: Rome? Check out the video from our Stream Team’s 5 hours long multiplayer match with tons of insightful details about the game.

Paradox Development Studio already announced it is working on delivering a cross-store multiplayer for Imperator: Rome. Currently, owners of the GOG.COM version can play with both GOG.COM and Paradox Store users, while in the future it will be possible to compete with all strategy fans out there.

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