Release: Warhammer 40K: Sanctus Reach & Armageddon

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I love the sound of a Chainsword in the morning.

Warhammer 40K: Sanctus Reach & Warhammer 40K: Armageddon are now available, DRM-free on, for up to 75% off.
Welcome to Sanctus Reach. The bloodthirsty Orks have nearly wiped out humanity from the entire system. But the Space Wolves still stand fast. Push back the greenskins in hectic, 3D turn-based battles where every tactical choice can be fateful. Or side with the savage Orks in the Legacy of the Legacy of the Weirdboy DLC before you crash them again as Castellan Jakren Stein in the Sons of Cadia DLC.

Armageddon transports you to the Second War of Armageddon, where the Imperium must defend itself against the advancing Ork invaders. Hex-based, tactical combat, starring iconic characters and over 300 unit types, will pull you into this brutal universe for hundreds of hours. Keep playing with Untold Battles, the FREE DLC included in the base game, or challenge yourself further with the additional missions in Vulkan’s Wrath, Angels of Death, Glory of Macragge, Ork Hunters, and Golgotha.

Or get the stand-alone expansion Da Orks, a tale of blood and wanton destruction, starring our favorite space-barbarians.

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