Release: Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion pack

Last one there is an empty crater!

Space Race, a major DLC for Surviving Mars is now available DRM-free. Celebrate with extraterrestrial discounts on the franchise, going up to 40% off.

You got your sponsor’s money, your know-how, your will to prevail. Now go out there and show them how proper colonization is done, before your AI opponents claim the planet for their country.

Get the Space Race Plus, which also includes the Marsvision Song Contest and Colony Design Set, or grab them separately.
This is already included in the Season Pass and of course the First Colony Edition.

On top of that, the game just received the free Gagarin update with numerous fixes and improvements, including a visually overhauled UI, a new building and the option to transport waste rock in shuttles.

See the full patch notes here.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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