Release: Dragon’s Lair Trilogy

The bold and the beautiful.

Dragon’s Lair Trilogy is now available DRM-free on It contains both Dragon’s Lair games, plus their sci-fi cousin Space Ace.

Even if you’ve never tried Dragon’s Lair or Dragon’s Lair: Time Warp before, it’s hard to ignore their pop-culture footprint. A pretty straightforward story of a heroic knight braving all sorts of traps to save a princess in distress, made into an arcade legend thanks to the fluid animation, beautiful cartoon visuals, and…erm…challenging QTEs that bankrupted many a wee lad.

Its sci-fi counterpart, Space Ace, stars the intrepid Ace as he tries to grow the hell up and win back the lovely Kimberly. Would be nice if he could also thwart Borf’s unsavory plan and save the rest of humanity from being reduced to defenseless infants.

All three games have been remastered and contain sweet extras, like interviews with the creators or insights on how their amazing animation came to be.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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