Publisher Sale: 2K Games – Up to 80% off

That’s how Mafia rocks.

Best start of the week is when you can already shop for the stuff you’ll want to play next weekend. The 2K Sale has enough to last you several weekends!

Get jacked up with plasmids and kick some splicer butt with the seminal BioShock™ series.
Work for the Mafia, pop some not-so-wise-guys, experience one of the richest cinematic action games ever.
Sent your Kerbals to spaaaaaaaace, see them come crashing down within minutes, then send them out again.
As an XCOM commander, neutralize the alien threat with only a few good men (and women), who really enjoy squatting behind bullet-proof pieces of scenery.

The 2K Sale ends February 25th, 11 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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