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The recent release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker saw the well-loved tabletop game makes its debut leap into the video game realm. Packed with player options, party building and dice rolls, Kingmaker is currently engrossing the masses. Developer Owl Cat Games were kind enough to take questions from GOG.COM users. From accessibility to cut content, there was certainly plenty to talk about!

Owlcat studios will be also hosting a Twitch stream with renowned writer Chris Avellone at 12 midday-1pm PT/8pm-10pm CET/9pm-11pm Moscow over on Owl Cat Game’s Twitch channel, the stream will also be hosted on GOG.COM’s Twitch channel

Q: Will stretch goals regarding additional language versions that were hinted at by the developers be announced?

[Owl Cat Games] We are focused on the polishing the game right now, so, to be honest, we don’t have enough resources to work on any additional localization. But we are thinking about discussing this opportunity once we have addressed all major players questions.

Q: Any chance for expansions with new adventures and companions to be added in the future?

[Owl Cat Games] I don’t want to spoil our future announcements but yes! Let me just say that with the game’s focus on companions, the new characters we have planned are exciting and unpredictable

Q: Does the game feature romanceable characters? If it does, are the romances more akin to those in Dragon Age or in Baldur’s Gate 2 (would strongly prefer if it was the latter)?

[Owl Cat Games] We have romances in the game and we hope some of them will be a surprise to players. We don’t copy any pattern directly but instead tried to find the best way to fit them into the structure of Pathfinder Kingmaker. We’d encourage you to try them yourself and let us know what you think.

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