Nine Parchments update brings six challenging Arenas, new character

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Casting content buffs.

Nine Parchments, the co-op action game of spell-slinging pandemonium, just got updated with more arenas that will make veteran wizards stroke their beards with excitement. The game is 50% off during our Summer Sale.

These six new Arenas are intended for characters over lvl 40. You fight using five spells – your three starting ones plus two more that you pick upon entering. Lay waste to the hordes of monsters waiting within to unlock the next Arena and eventually see your name spelled high on the Leaderboards.
A new student arrives to help you face these challenges: the promising Prince Selius, armed with his own magical accessories and unique spells. You can unlock Selius through the Arena levels and find out more about him by playing the main game.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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