Nilfgaard Update is live!

New update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! With this update, we’ve focused on fleshing out Nilfgaard’s faction identity – several cards were reworked to provide better support to the Empire’s existing arsenal of archetypes and strategies.
We also introduced the Drag’n’Drop feature to the game (allowing players to drag and drop cards onto the battlefield), and added various UI improvements, bug fixes, and balance tweaks.

Full list of changes:

– Special cards no longer require the unnecessary step of clicking the board between being selected in hand and being played.
– Broadened row boundaries to eliminate unselectable space between rows.
– The redraw phase screen will remain visible for half a second after the final redraw choice has been made.
– Cards that target the entire board will now highlight the entire board rather than in distinct halves.
– Rework of 12 Nilfgaard Base Set cards which will have full mill value for 3 days:
– Fringilla Vigo,
– Hefty Helge,
– Rainfarn of Attre,
– Deithwen Arbalest,
– Mangonel,
– Standard Bearer,
– Daerlan Soldier,
– Recruit,
– Ointment,
– Venendal Elite,
– Alba Pikeman,
– Sweers.

New Features

– Drag & Drop support with dithered transparency for card “ghosting” effect.
– Improved visuals for targeting arrows.
– Targeting arrows hovering over invalid targets will now appear as red.
– Improved visuals to show selected rows.
– Rows now highlight differently if a card has an ability restricted to either the melee or ranged row.
– Hand highlight VFX now disappear after playing a card from hand, then reappear at the start of the next turn. Hand highlight VFX also disappear when targeting.
– Hand highlight VFX now adjust according to hand size.
– Leader trees for Crimson Curse leaders have been added …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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