Movie releases: Ink and The Frame

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A Jamin Winans double-feature presentation.

From the mind of award-winning indie director come Ink and The Frame, two very different stories sharing the same vision that the reality as we know it is just a fragile veil hiding something much bigger, more complex, and scarier. A pack of both feature films are available 25% off for the first week, DRM-free on Movies also available separately.

In Ink the forces of light and dark wage their invisible war for dominion over our dreams. Invisible? Not for all. For John, and his daughter Emma the dream realm becomes the reality as they are forced to fight for their souls with an enemy who would seem to originate from their unconscious minds. But is it really what it is?

The Frame has its protagonists, brought together by what seems like pure chance, race through the world as its very fabric quickly unravels thread by thread. A demonic stranger seeks to undo the reality as we know it in a dangerous game of changing rules and uneven playfield. How can two people protect that, which they themselves don’t understand?

Let Jamin Winans sweep the reality as you know it from underneath your feet with Ink and The Frame, bundled 25% off until Wednesday, December 24, at 10:59AM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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