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This year, join us on October 12th for the International Day Against DRM, as we help spread knowledge and information about the benefits of DRM-free games, movies, and other forms of media.

Organized by the Free Software Foundation and spread through its Defective by Design campaign, the International Day Against DRM’s mission is to one day eliminate DRM restrictions as a threat to privacy, freedom, and innovation in media. This year’s object focuses on how restrictive digital rights can hinder access to textbooks and academic publications. Obviously, these ideals hit extremely close to our gaming hearts.

GOG.COM is the place where all your games are DRM-free, meaning you can store and enjoy the games that you bought without the need to constantly stay online and repeatedly prove your ownership. This is one of the core pillars we built our service around 11 years ago and continue to maintain today.

We deeply believe in giving gamers the freedom of choice. We understand that some gamers may prefer to rent or stream their games and that’s totally fine! We simply believe in allowing gamers to choose how they consume their media – whether it’s renting, streaming, or owning their games DRM-free.

Both solutions have their benefits, but owning your games without restrictions means having the ability to backup your games, access them offline, and easily preserve a piece of gaming heritage for future generations. You can read more about the benefits of DRM-free media on our FCK DRM page and make sure to visit the Defective by Design page to learn more about their cause, as well.

What is your experience with DRM in various media? Are GOG.COM and similar DRM-free storefronts your only source of games or do you get them on other platforms as well? Let us know in the comments! …read more

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