It’s time to revisit Freedom Fighters and savour its campy-action again

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What happens when you mix alternate history with over-the-top campy action and cliché 1990s-style characters? You get Freedom Fighters! Released in 2003, the game is a perfect example of pulp-style entertainment combined with an engaging story. Now you can revisit the classic game from IO Interactive on your modern computer.

Let’s be honest, the geographical location of the USA renders any invasion on American soil rather unlikely. Sure, there was a time in 1814 when the British managed to capture and burn Washington DC, but that was long ago. Yet, the perspective of foreign invasion and occupation of the USA has fired the imagination of American writers and filmmakers for decades.

Events that took place during the Cold War, like the Red Scare and the Cuban Missile Crisis, brought up a question – how would Americans react when faced with an enemy invasion? Books dealing with alternate history, like the Man in the High Castle from Philip K. Dick and films like Red Dawn, are especially worth mentioning regarding this interesting topic. Even video game developers tackled the idea, with games like Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Freedom Fighters coming long after the Cold War faded away in history books.

Freedom is not free

The game from IO Interactive presents an alternate history where the Second World War ended with the USSR dropping an atomic bomb on Berlin. Consequently, the Red Army took over the rest of Europe’s countries, slowly surrounding the USA with its communist states. Finally, the time has come to stab the capitalist regime in the heart and that’s where you start in Freedom Fighters, with the USSR’s invasion of the USA!

The main hero of the game, New York City plumber Chris Troy, is reluctantly thrown into the center …read more

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