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The final frontier of online privacy.

Social Networks: The Final Frontier of human privacy and dignity. This is Redshirt, a comedic deep space life sim focusing on online social life of the crew of a space station. Their mission in life: to post the pictures of their odd looking, tentacle waving lunch on their Spacebook profiles, to stalk their crewmates private holograms, to boldly collect more “friends” than anyone collected before. Fair warning: in this game, your character is low-ranked deck hand wearing a red uniform. On a deep space mission. In space. Avoid being put on away teams at all cost! This game is an absolutely bonkers look at life in the future, mixes together strategy, interpersonal conflict, Sims-like professional development–and a fair measure of Machiavellian inter-station politics–into a solid bundle of fun that’s sure to amuse anyone who’s a critic of modern society’s habit of sharing, liking, posting, pinning, plussing, and friending so much that they miss the alien about to eat their face.

If you scorn social media and everything they stand for, you can still see what is that you actually hate without being forced to tweet, like, share, or tumble, by keeping it all in a great trek-themed sandbox environment provided by Redshirt, now for only $4.99 on The 75% off discount offer will last until Thursday, March 19, at 10:59 GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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