A look back at the impressive Machinarium as it celebrates its 10th anniversary

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Point-and-click adventure games have been around for almost as long as there has been a mouse to play them with.

Throughout the decades of point-and-click games, a handful has stood out amongst the rest. Some of these include true originals like Maniac Mansion and King’s Quest. Then, of course, you have the classic Monkey Island series that has continued to go strong through various editions and new titles. Lastly, you have wonderful Machinarium.

Let’s take a moment to look back at Machinarium, as it is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Released originally in 2009, Machinarium is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game that has seen some great success across its various PC and console releases. In it, you play as a robot named Josef (named after the person that first penned the word “robot”) as you try to stop a scheme by the Black Cap Brotherhood to blow up an important tower in your city.

It first was made available on PC and then the iPad in 2011. From there, it saw releases on the Google Play Store, the PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3. Most recently, it was released on the Nintendo Switch.

The reason we bring up its various releases is that it shows just how great (and timeless) Machinarium truly is

The story is one that is universally appealing, but also extremely creative in its presentation. There is not a single line of spoken dialogue, but instead, the story is presented masterfully through the world’s art and design, its characters, sceneries, and animations.

Machinarium provides classic point-and-click puzzles but avoids overly-confusing puzzles for the sake of difficulty. Instead, it makes sure to focus on sensible challenges that never feel like you’re groping blindly at solutions, something many puzzle game fans can certainly appreciate.

The developers, Amanita Design, also included a guidebook in your inventory …read more

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