Liberté! Égalité! Spécialité!

Tooth and Tail, a grimly satirical RTS about organized animal cruelty, is now available, DRM-free, on

Time to break the (food) chains! The War for Meat has thrown the animal kingdom into upheaval and everyone is out to subdue and consume their opponents. Customize your faction and lead an army of aggressive fuzzballs through procedurally generated maps to burn, gut, or blast the other woodland creatures into gooey pixels. Then you can go online and brutalize your friends’ furry pets, unless they’re willing to swing by for some couch split-screen play.

Check out our recent Q&A with developers Pocketwatch Games for more info anthropomorphic info.

NOTE: Tooth and Tail does not currently support Crossplay between GOG Galaxy and Steam. We are working to make sure this feature becomes available as soon as possible.

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Let there be fright.

In the Shadows is coming soon to
This is an emotional puzzle/platformer where you cast light on your creepy childhood fears, which then take the form of regular objects. Your memories of that time are equal parts whimsical and scary, same as the monsters who both help and hinder your quest for closure with their helpful transformations.

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Civil warfare blues.

Rogue Trooper Redux, the visually remastered cult classic shooter, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free, on with a 20% pre-order discount until October 17.

One of the most celebrated cover-based shooters of the past decade just got a new coat of blue paint over its bulging muscles and is ready to enter the fray once more. In this futuristic story, you play as a genetically engineered soldier destined to tip the scales in the civil war that’s tearing apart the heavily polluted Nu Earth.

Pre-order now and get upgraded to the Collector’s Edition for free. The CE includes:

– The original 21 track Rogue trooper soundtrack!
– An exclusive Rogue trooper comic, inspired by the game
– 2 sets of HD desktop wallpapers

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Pick from a selection of great games to unlock them!

This Week we’re mixing things up: not only is there a vast selection of deals up to -90% to choose from, but spending money on them will score you more games for FREE!

There are three free games to unlock: Choose between Kyn, Tropico Reloaded, and Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth. The more you spend, the more games you get – spend $5 to pick one game, $10 for two games, and $15 to grab all three. If you’re not paying in USD, these tiers are adjusted to your currency equivalents, with the exceptions of RUB, BRL, and CNY. Just remember that only purchases from this Weekly Sale are eligible.
Easy, right?

Now which games to buy, then? With so many good choices, that’s going to be a tad more challenging, but we’re here to help.
Fans of tactical gameplay should look no further than The Banner Saga or Hard West, whose delicious narrative perfectly envelops their crunchy turn-based core. If you prefer building and managing, it’s probably a good time to discover the Tropico series, Dungeons 2, Port Royale, or Grand Age Medieval. For more out-of-the-box experiences, make sure to check out Oh Sir!…The Insult Simulator, Zombie Night Terror, Pathologic Classic HD, and the fiendishly fun Antihero, among others.

Both the Weekly Sale and the unlockables offer will last until September 18, 4 PM UTC.
The free games will be distributed via email starting on Tuesday, September 19th.

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The early-2000s marked a high-point for horror fans with a steady flow of some of the genre’s most influential games being released on consoles in a five-year span.

While the slower pacing and fragile protagonists of Japanese-style horror dominated much of the spotlight, The Suffering and The Suffering: Ties That Bind were among a small group of North American games that helped pave the way for future titles with their action-oriented approach to horror.

To mark the re-release of The Suffering and its sequel, we talked with the Project Lead, Lead Designer, and Writer, Richard Rouse III, who is currently developing The Church in the Darkness; the debut title from his independent studio, Paranoid Productions.

Tell us a little about your history in game development and your role in The Suffering series.

I started out making what would now be called indie games for the Macintosh – games like the RPG, Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis, and tactical FPS, Damage Incorporated. Those were very small teams with me doing all the design/writing and most of the programming as well. I went to Surreal Software wanting to work on bigger games, spent some time on a (eventually cancelled) Western called Gunslinger, worked as a designer/programmer on Drakan – The Ancients’ Gates for PS2, and that led to being lead designer and writer on a new horror title we were doing with Midway. The game was originally called Unspeakable and I ended up working on the original The Suffering and the sequel Ties that Bind for the next four years. By that point I had stopped programming and had become more of a creative director, but as a fun fact I did code the conversation system in the original game.

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Build in Japan, be tight.

Tokyo Towers, a DLC pack for Project Highrise is now available DRM-free on
Build your residents an urban sanctuary inside this sprawling metropolis where modern design meets ergonomic needs. Mix and match between 10 new apartments, luxury items and exteriors to make your tower stand out from the crowded city skyline.

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Find out what makes these deadly critters tick.

Looking forward to Tooth and Tail? It’s easy to see why: this is a fast-paced RTS starring furious furry animals who will do horrible things to each other for some meat scraps or tactical advantage. Then the questions come rushing in: what kinds of units will I be commanding? How customizable is my army going to be? Can a fox and a chameleon ever agree on matters of political rhetoric?

Andy Schatz, CEO and Creative Director of Tooth and Tail developers Pocketwatch Games, will be joining us in the comments section of this post, today at 8PM UTC, to answer all your questions.
If you have them prepared already, fire away and he will tackle them once he’s here.

Have fun, everyone, and remember: no biting or scratching allowed!

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GOG hero details revealed • D:OS 2 releasing September 14

The complete release of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is drawing very near, releasing September 14 on

There are many reasons to anticipate the release, including the opportunity to encounter one character in particular – designed, inspired by, and chosen with the community – a fully voiced NPC with a unique backstory, and her own share of secrets…

A hero’s journey
For backing the D:OS 2 Kickstarter campaign, we were given the chance to work with Larian Studios on a unique in-game NPC: the GOG hero. And because the more is the merrier, the entire community would get to be a part of the process from the start.
Beginning with a forum-wide brainstorm and a series of art and writing contests, the GOG community would draw, doodle, pitch, and design countless ideas for Larian Studios to take to the drawing board.
Months later, three designs would be revealed by the studio and the finalists put to the community’s vote.
In the end, it was Eithne – an undead librarian, merchant of rare and arcane knowledge – who emerged the clear winner with 59% of all votes. She became the official GOG hero made possible by the community!

Meet the hero

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is releasing soon, and it’s a thrill to finally meet Eithne!
Check out the teaser trailer for a taste of the character and voice acting in action. Plus, we got to briefly talk with Charlene Putney, the writer behind Eithne – you can read more of it below!

But the best way to meet Eithne is in-game during your adventures (regardless of platform). We can’t wait to see her ourselves and want to give big thanks to Larian Studios for the opportunity, and to our entire community …read more

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Will you allow lawlessness to fester?

Bastard’s Wound is now available DRM-free on
This expansion explores a never-before seen region of the Tiers populated by war refugees. Take on new, morally-challenging adventures, and delve deeper into the personal stories of Barik, Lantry and Verse.

Tyranny also just received a free update which includes new voice-acting, expanded content on the third act, and an all-new path to an unseen ending.

The Official Soundtrack Deluxe Edition is now available for purchase. This is already included in the Archon and Overlord Editions.

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Dead man shooting.

The Suffering & The Suffering: Ties That Bind are now available exclusively on with a 10% launch discount.
All but impossible to find in recent years, the elusive psychological horror games return as gory as you remember them, DRM-free and fully compatible with modern operating systems.

The Suffering puts you in the shoes of death row convict Torque as he fights monstrous enemies to escapes his hellish prison and find the truth behind the heinous crime that put him there.

In the sequel Ties That Bind, Torque is a free man in body if not in mind, as he returns to his hometown seeking redemption and revenge from the criminal kingpin he holds responsible for this nightmare.

Check out our Warner Bros. Sale for deals up to -75% until September 11, 1PM UTC.
There’s a lot of cool stuff there including the F.E.A.R series, Bastion, plenty of LEGO goodness and more.

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