Full plastic jacket.

Battle stations everyone!
Flowerpots, bathtubs, ovens, backyards – everything is now a battlefield marked by spectacular Army Men heroics. Whether they are fighting against the despicable Tan troops and their evil generals or some particularly nasty alien toys, these guys always love a tactical challenge, especially if they have a capable commander calling the shots.
Be that commander, with all four games in the series going for 50% off: Army Men, Army Men II, Toys in Space and Army Men RTS.

The 50% discounts will last until May 29, 10 AM UTC.

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Did your favorites make the cut?

There was a time when everybody was looking at adventure games to introduce crazy technical innovations, explore unconventional stories, or just give us a strong argument against our dismissive parents who considered all games juvenile and insubstantial. Since the golden years of the graphic adventures, we’ve seen certain trends come and go, other genres spliced into the genre’s DNA, and adventure games evolving into a variety of experiences that sometimes have little in common with their early predecessors.

Richard Cobbett, a longtime fan of adventure games and their close offspring, has recently compiled a comprehensive list of 29+ titles that all fans of the genre should check out. Newcomers and veterans are treated to an introduction to the history of adventure games, some advice on how to get started, and a list of the standouts, broken down into sub-categories for convenience: The Classics, Story-driven, Puzzles & Exploration.

Take your pick: there are all-around legends like The Secret of Monkey Island or Beneath a Steel Sky, masterpieces of storytelling like Grim Fandango or The Walking Dead, brain wreckers like Myst or Zork: Grand Inquisitor, and deliberately paced experiences like Gone Home.

Plenty of developers continue to be fascinated by the narrative possibilities of adventure games, even if they don’t feel like adhering to their original formula. These 29 games (and the additional honorable mentions) are both celebrated classics and the product of experimentation with innovative ideas and are all more than worth your time.

So, how many of these have you already played and what others would you add to IGN’s list, fellow adventurers?

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The Witcher series, Pillars, of Eternity, Dex, and more.

There’s a big Role-Playing Week ahead of us, everyone. The public beta for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is approaching fast, and we decided to kick things off a little early with a big Role-Playing Sale that will get you in the mood for some sword-clashing and fireball-slinging.

Start by immersing yourselves in the sprawling Witcher universe, with up to -85% on all games in the series, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY, the game which first introduced us to the wonderful addiction that is GWENT.

Next, take a trip to Grimrock for some hardcore dungeon-crawling, and then find yourself a vantage point with a sweet isometric view: it’s time to dive into Obsidian’s modern classics. Both Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny offer an immersive experience not to be missed by veterans of the legendary Infinity engine games while introducing us to completely new and equally compelling fantasy worlds.

But that’s not everything: keep an eye out for hidden gems that shouldn’t go unnoticed, plus new additions arriving this Wednesday.

The Role-Playing Sale will last until May 28, 1 PM UTC.

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As long as it’s a great game, it belongs in here.

Are you into action? Platforming? Horror? Strategy? Everything that the cool kids are into? Then the Weekly Sale Vol. 17 is for you! And you. And you. You there as well! Active Gaming Media are celebrating their anniversary but it’s not a real party until you get others to join, right? Atari already answered the call and there’s another mystery guest coming this Friday. Wonder who that is…

Consistently enchanting and occasionally intense, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a beautiful metroidvania that tells the story of Kaho, a priestess who must traverse a cursed land for an audience with her Queen.

Supernatural chills, close-quarter thrills, and sinister forces waiting for you to be Alone in the Dark. The series that (re)defined the action/adventure genre with their cinematic presentation and compelling stories are still a must-play for any lover of survival horror.

As always, there’s more – including D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die, KKND, Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe, Blood, and plenty of others!
Plus, stay tuned for new games and deals coming this Friday!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 17 will last until May 29, 4:00 PM UTC.

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Conquer space four times over, annihilate your opponents with mechanical armies!

Traditionally, adventure games are ideal for anyone who enjoys cerebral challenges mixed with deliberately paced storytelling. Phase II of our Weekly Sale remains fundamentally cerebral while adding a little bit of urgency to the mix, with two highly acclaimed 4X and RTS series that should keep the grey cells busy and the adrenaline flowing.

Still hailed as the gold standard for space 4X games, the Master of Orion series recently returned in a fully modernized version powered by high production values and a deep love for the timeless originals.

Total Annihilation boldly overhauled the resource gathering mechanics of the RTS genre, and whether it chronicles massive battles between mechanical or mythical monsters, it remains endlessly enjoyable and undeniably addictive.

That’s not all, though, Hybrid Wars and Massive Assault also got added to the list. Better act fast – there are just a few days left to grab what you want from the entire selection!

Did you miss Monday’s launch of our Weekly Sale? Check it out – it has plenty of retro-styled adventures and a stylish new JRPG.

The Weekly Sale will last until May 22, 4:00 PM UTC.

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One plus one equals fun!

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island, a vibrant 3D platformer where two animal buddies spread colorful mayhem, is now available DRM-free on GOG.com with a 33% launch discount.

She is a lynx, he is an owl, can it be any more obvious? Their adventure is a glorious homage to the 3D platformers of yore, featuring an unstoppable pair of agile and cheeky companions out to save their beautiful island from a misguided megalomaniac. Funky action, jet-pack powered jumps, tons of collectibles, and a variety of fascinating enemies abound.

The 33% discount will last until May 26, XPM UTC.

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New planet, new challenges.

Jupiter’s Forge Expansion Pack, which challenges you to establish a profitable colony atop the planet’s volatile moon, is now available, DRM-free on GOG.com.

With Mars tamed, corporations now venture into Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io, looking to profit off its precious resources. Surely the hostile conditions, the complete absence of water, or the fierce competition between the two new factions won’t discourage a resourceful businessman like yourself, yes?

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I can still hear you saying / you would never break the chain.

Inner Chains, a captivating horror FPS set in a sinister biomechanical world with deadly flora and fauna, is now available DRM-free on GOG.com with a 10% launch discount.

On a planet where nature has formed twisted, symbiotic bonds with machines developed millennia ago, you must make your escape and challenge the oppressive Ruling Caste. Brutal force will not get you very far, unless you combine it with clever use of the environment and a keen eye for any secrets that can be used to your advantage.

The 10% discount lasts until May 25, 4 PM UTC.

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Sell on wheels.

Production Line, a management/simulation game about running an efficient car factory, is now available DRM-free on GOG.com.

Maintaining a lucrative car manufacturing business is no small challenge for an inexperienced tycoon: you must pick the best new designs, find ways to cut production costs, optimize your assembly line, and set competitive prices to checkmate the competition.
Before the game exits its own productions line, Positech Games plan to enrich it with more car body and engine types, a solid marketing feature, as well as better fleshed out competitors.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

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Prepare to become civilized.

It never hurts to have more civilization, now does it?
Especially if it comes in the form of Civilization III, Civilization IV, and CivCity: Rome, three great entries in the wildly popular and critically-acclaimed franchise, with a whopping 75% discount attached to them!

Lead your nation of choice from its humble beginnings to its space-faring heights or take a close look at all the ways in which you can affect the lives of ancient Romans. All that stands between you and historical greatness is just one more turn.

The 75% discounts will last until May 22, 10 AM UTC.

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